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F1 in Schools


This is the first time that Mexico has a champion in F1 IN SCHOOLS. We are a very compromised team with our legacy, with an incredible passion with learning and a big attention to the little details.

Panteras Racing was the first National Champions from Mexico, and the only team from this country to receive an international award, the Innovative Thinking Award.

The next season, Innova Racing, was going to compete in this challenge. In the National Finals they were second place and passed to the World Finals held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This year, is the turn of Fierce Racing to continue the legacy. 

The challenge

The objective of this challenge is to promote STEM among the participant teams by simulating the process that a Formula 1 team must face in real life. Some of these challenges consist on designing, analyze and test a scale car which runs a 20 m track in less than 1 second being propel by a CO2 tank.

F1 in Schools tries to change the way in which students between 17-19 years perceives STEM by converting it to a fun and practical environment. F1 in Schools helps students to have a look of how it is to work on the automotive, marketing and design industry by working by the side of professionals.

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