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In 2014, Panteras built the “MARIACHI” robot, that was able to collect and throw a inflatable exercise ball. Mariachi competed in the regional tournament of Mexico City, winning the regional and the Engineering Excellence Award of Delphi; and at the regional tournament in Atlanta, GA, where he received the Innovation in Control Award from Rockwell Automation and the first place in the tournament.

Gildardo Mariano, mentor of the team since 2007 by the sponsor company General Motors in México, was awarded the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award in the Mexico City tournament, and was later awarded the General Motors Mentor of the Year Award in the world championship.

En los meses de junio a septiembre, el equipo diseñó y programó un robot ABB para pintar una guitarra de 3 metros de alto para ser expuesta en la Avenida Reforma durante Noviembre y Diciembre. Ésta guitarra fue firmada por el jefe de gobierno del DF, el Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera.

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