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2010, a key year for our team’s history: We learned how to use mecanum wheels and gyroscope. With a team formed by new and old members, distributed equally, we accomplished a full integration in all areas.


Within all of the events we developed throughout the years. A visit to General Motors, Google Mexico and the Estado De Mexico’s palce distinguished. Just like local presentations of our robot in the institutions that take part of our team.


In FTC we obtained the Inspiration Award and a recognition of the best Alliance, one team of Centro Escolar Cedros and another one of Universidad Panamericana Preparatoria.

In FRC, another Engineering Inspiration Award was won in Dallas, Texas, and so we entered the Atlanta’s World Championship where we won the Team Spirit Award, in the FRC category. In VEX we obtained a world’s championship entry with and excellence award in the Mexico city’s regional.

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