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In 2007, we obtained the Inspire award in the FVC regional category, that led us to the World’s Championship in Atlanta, where we won the 6th place. We also created the first FRC team “Guacamole”. The team participated on the Detroit’s regional, receiving the Rookie All Star Award, with our entry to Atlanta’s World Championship thanks to our hard work and enthusiasm.


It all started after winter break, on January 8th. When we decided to integrate UP and Cedros to FRC, the announcement had just been made a few weeks from that, so there were no teams

School members and professors from Universidad Panamericana and Centro Escolar Cedros, called in for a first meeting to talk about a project that could only work with effort and dedication.


One of our most important sponsors of the project was the automotive multinational company General Motors. GM such as Universidad Panamericana, were interested in the creation of a strong union between students and technology for facing the challenges of a new era. This sort of projects help people by giving them essential experiences, values and knowledge.


With a total of 35 members, 22 students and 5 professors out of both institutions and GM, we jumped into one of our most ambitious projects ever.


Being the first team available to participate in this contest with a wide rate of presence in all of the FRC categories, wasn't a simple task, soon, the lack of experience began to take place, even though some of our team members had already been part of the FIRST LEGO league and the FIRST Vex Challenge. All of them knew how hard this was going to be, but some others didn’t, which was a crucial challenge our enthusiasm had to face, but it stayed with us until the end. Also, being with experienced teams helped our performance during the robot’s construction.

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